[SSHD:TSE] The Forgotten City — The Village (Serious x66) [1/4]


[SSHD:TSE] The Forgotten City — The Village (Serious x66) [1/4]

*Примечание: все долгие перестрелки и прочие моменты ускоренны под музыку*

— Описание:

In the timeline, the story takes place just after The Grand Cathedral, where Sam acquired the other Sirian spaceship to finally reach Sirius… only to find out that it’s out of fuel. Karma being a b*tch, he now have to teleport back to one of the hidden Sirian laboratories on Earth, Site 42, to find some fuel.

Difficulty: Serious
— No health
— No armor
— No power-up items
[Multiplier x66]


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