ShottyStars 2020

ShottyStars 2020

Шел 2020-ый год, а тем временем регистрация на долгожданный shotty-турнир (впервые с 2017 года) на бессмертном GameZone24.Net собрала 13 игроков за два дня, и среди зарегистрировашихся игроков есть такие, которые не принимали участие в турнирах несколько лет.

Here we go! Registration for the new shotty tournament is now open! I want as much people as possible! The objective is to make a ShottyStars as great as the one we had back in 2017 


Hosted by:
Managed by: Skyward; Zeo
Frag limit: 30
Time limit: 15
Difficulty: normal
Servers: Skyward; Karel; Zeo
Infinite ammo: yes
Powerups and canon: no
Invulnerability after respawn: 1 seconds
Allowed skins: All (/gam_bonlysam=1 in case of skin issue)
Tournament format: Swiss system
Game type: 1vs1 Best of 3
Primary server: -)Shotty Open League(- by Skyward (France — Skyward)
Secondary server: Shotty Open League 2020 [CZ] (Czechia — Karel)
Third server: GameZone24.Net > Shotty Paradise SOL 2020 Edition [RU] (Russia — Zeo)

Schedule times are expressed in Central European Time (CET) Please use the following link to set a game with your opponent:

Map pool: 1 Shotty Trouble; 2 Shotty Complex No 200 Armor; 3 Shotty Power

Each player picks the map he wants to play, the remaining unchoosen map will be the 3rd.

Please don’t forget to check and read the rules of our tournaments here

For optimized communication between members and contenders, please download Discord and join the GameZone24 discord server!


1 GraphX 
2 Skyward 
3 Zdzichu 
4 Zeo 
5 Jockant 
6 Forsaken 
7 High Voltage 
8 allergeno* 
9 Supersniper98 
10 Prottoss 
11 Pheonix 
12 Jack 
13 MasterShock 
14 Straiker 
15 LeXa 
16 BadBoy 


Map pack


Player password


Observer password
Observers are subject to the rule #14 from the General rules


Table, Schedule and Results



The Swiss System is a tournament type which consists by a serie of 5 rounds where players will get to play against each other. After the first round, winners will meet other winners and losers will meet the other losers. The same happens for the next rounds. Players who wins a total of 3 games are qualified for play-offs (quarter-finals) and those who lost a total of 3 games will be eliminated.The finals will be played as any other classic tournaments, all games are defined by until the quarter finals.

Why the swiss system has been choosen? First of all, because it’s a new concept that has never been used before in Serious Sam, and secondly because this system doesn’t bring a «death opponent» on first round. This way a player who didn’t feel good on his first game or was unlucky enough to play on a strong opponent can still expect to win his next games. This system is simply more fair in the way only most skilled players will pass to finals rather than the lucky ones.

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