Выпущено небольшое обновление до версии 1.03 для Serious Sam Revolution. Оно добавляет в игру русскую локализацию (текстовый перевод меню, загрузочных карт, сообщений Нетриксы для основных кампаний, озвучка для TFE/TSE от 1С, перевод достижений в Steam), а также исправляет получение достижений.
Сделанные ранее сохранения могут не работать.

Hi all!
As promised earlier this week, we’re updating Serious Sam Classics: Revolution with some relatively small, but very important changes.

Namely, Revolution is now available with full Russian localization, including all in-game text and achievements. A huge shout-out to the members of our community, as without them this would have never happened. We love you all!

The second part of the update has sorted out the issues which prevented some players from unlocking achievements. All achievements should now be in working order in singleplayer and multiplayer.

A small note, updating the game will override your saved progress, and you will have to start fresh. This is an unfortunate limitation of the old engine and is unavoidable in situations like this.

If you are not keen on starting over, you can choose to stick with the current version of the game for good. To do that, please right-click on Revolution in your library, go to the «betas» tab, and select «revo-1.02» from the drop-down menu. This will also stop the game from updating automatically in the future, so keep that in mind.

You will need to do this for the Dedicated Server and Revo Toolkit as well, if you are using them.

Much love from Croteam,

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