Citadel of sands

Очередная карта на прохождение с нарастающей сложностью. Судьба заносит нас в удивительные места, где, казалось бы, ничего особенного произойти не могло и не может. Или же…

map serious sam fusion

Before approaching Memphis, Sam has found an interesting village, which has been called a mirage by other explorers many years ago. They say, that it disappears every time you try getting closer. Yet, Sam found it kind of physical, so another adventure begins! Yet, you need to know — every legend contains some small part of truth. Who knows, maybe there is indeed some unknown even for Mental himself evil, waiting for others to uncover it.

A medium-long SP/COOP map, where your skills will be tested. Difficulty is rising during the whole level, so you will have to encounter some big problems. Contains some new enemy, over 600 enemies to fight with, and few fun secrets.

You can find this map at «Multiplayer maps». If you encounter problems with FPS — just set Shadow map size a bit lower. It doesn’t change anything at all, so don’t worry about that. 🙂
WARNING: Once Devostator ports Talos cliffs as separated item for workshop, the map’s size will be significantly reduced, yet you will need this item. That also means SS3.

Big thanks for testing to:
Tin Kesaro
)>-| ZCaliptium |-<(
noam 2000

Devostator — cliffs from Talos Principle
Serious Sam VR: The Last Hope — music
Huge thanks to )>-| ZCaliptium |-<( for idea of Statue’s design, and polishing the lore and whole idea of map. :>

There’re also rumors, that map might bug a bit if you die too much. I don’t believe in it.
Good luck. 🙂

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