complexity serious sam clan

I) Joining

If you want to join Comple[X]ity , contact Clan Leader or someone of Complexity members via PM. You’ll be tested in a 1vs1 match.

Server Settings during the test :

Map : Little Trouble
Frag limit : 30
Time limit : off
Difficulty : normal

You have to kill at least 10 times your tester to get in.
There’s no «ooh I’m tired» or «ooh I suck today» , you keep your mouth shut during the test. It was you who wanted to be tested so please play in silence.
If you fail the test for any reason you cannot be tested again for a month unless we will see you’re really ready to play once again.

There’s a vote system. After the test , we will set up a vote and we will see if you can join us. That also means , even if you pass the test, you’re not necessarily in, a discussion between members and leader will take place. ;)
Also the last word about joining has the leader of Complexity.

II) Behaviour

Soft trash is tolerated but don’t overtrash, especially with our tag on. That means no racist, and offending insults. You can laugh at people, call them noob etc..this game is funny, if people get mad over a video game, that’s their problem.

I hate complaining, I never understood why people always felt obliged to inform all the server that they have lag/spikes. We don’t give a damn.
You complain too much, you’re kicked. And that includes the «I had no weapons ;)» , you have knife and pistols, if you can’t use them, you simply don’t have the required skills to stay in, but don’t worry there’s plenty of clans which accept anyone.

III) Gaming

After 3 warnings you’re kicked.

  • You should wear the tag. No excuses like I don’t have name editor. If I see you without the tag, it makes me wonder what’s the reason to be in the clan.
  • F9 is a forbidden key. I suggest you even unbind it. If you have bad syncs and someone complains that you rejoined, you better have taken a screenshot or else you might warned.
  • You must stay until the end of the game. If we notice you get used to leaving games in order to avoid embarrassing screenshots you’ll be kicked without any warning.
  • You can use pups provided the server you’re playing in allows it. For instance you can use power ups in RU ( if you see that people in that server use it ) but not in GZ nor in Figona.
  • You are unfortunately not allowed to hack, if you want to hack I suggest you to join to the clan which allows hacking and ask them directly for the good stuff.

IV) General

  • If you leave Comple[X]ity , you can NEVER join again.There might be some exception but it might never happen.

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