Serious Sam 3 : Unreal Tournament 3 Weapon Pack

Serious Sam 3 mod that replaces all the weapons with the weapons from Unreal Tournament 3. Download here — Дополнительно:

Serious Sam 3 : SSHD Enemy Resource Pack

Check out the new SS2 enemy resource pack: Adds ALL of SSHD’s enemies as resources for mappers to use for their maps. ***ITS NOT AN ENEMY REPLACEMENT MOD!*** More details here :  

Blood & Concrete Kamikazes. (SS3 Sound Mod)

Replaces the kamikaze scream with the famous line from the russian «Blood and Concrete». Дополнительно:

Serious Sam 3 : SS2 Enemy Resource Pack

A lot of time and effort has been put into this, so please consider sharing this around! This mod adds all the SS2 enemies to SS3 as resources for mappers to use in their maps. More details here: Дополнительно: