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In this guide, you can find a way through which you can set the normal resolution for your monitor in Serious Sam Classic The Second Encounter.

*Before going to change the resolution, run the game that it has entered the data into a text file. Then you can begin to change the resolution.
*This method works and with Serious Sam Classic: The First Encounter.

Standard settings, you can select the maximum display resolution — 1024 * 768
But very easy to make so that Sam was under any (eg 1280 * 1024, 1280 * 800) resolution ….

So look at your display resolution … (eg you have a 1280 * 1024)

Go to the folder with Sam — there is a folder Scripts.
Open the notepad file PersistentSymbols.ini
Isham there closer to the bottom line:
Listing code:

persistent extern INDEX sam_iScreenSizeI = (INDEX) 1024; persistent extern INDEX sam_iScreenSizeJ = (INDEX) 768;

And there 1024 to replace its display width (eg 1280)
And 768 is replaced by its height of the display (eg 1024)
Save … and everything! We go to Sam’s and enjoy the high resolution!
P.S. If you change the graphics settings, the resolution of the displ

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